In December 2009, the President's flexible relationship with the truth troubled me enough that I decided to register this domain name. I imagined that I would compile some of the promises he made, such as the promise not to increase ANY taxes (not just income taxes) on citizens making less than $250,000 per year, or his promise to enact comprehensive immigration reform in his first year in spite of resistance from the unions who do not want to compete with hard-working immigrants, like my grandparents, or his promise to reduce the deficit by 50% during his first term, and contrast the promises to the reality.

However, as I write this, President Obama has just given his acceptance speech for the Democratic nomination for President, in which he excused his poor performance by claiming that he never said it would be easy, apparently completely forgetting all of the very specific promises he made. He constantly complains that the reason for his failure is obstruction by Republicans, failing to mention that during his first two years the Democrats had complete, filibuster-proof control of Congress. The Republicans could not have obstructed him even if they wanted to. The President's "flexibility" is now so widely reported across the media, that I am no longer convinced that there is any point in adding my voice.

If there is anybody who thinks they can convince me that they would make good use of this domain name, please give me a call (I won't respond to emails).

James M. Nachbar, Scottsdale, Arizona

This site is my personal effort, and not affiliated with any candidate, candidate's committee, or other organization.

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